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September 20, 2017

Horse Diapers – Cremation – Dildos Np 013

Horse Diapers Horse diapers required. Some states have exhaust regulations for vehicles; Pocahontas County’s seat is taking steps to regulate, well, animal tailpipes.Marlinton’s town council voted unanimously last week to change an ordinance relating to horse traffic in town. Previously the town’s ordinance required horses to wear “diapers” or have a person clean up behind


np 012 Capital Punishment – To Kill Or Not To Kill

I am not a proponent of capital punishment. Not because of the morality of taking a life, but because there are too many ways the wrong person can be executed. The police can be overzealous in their investigation or overlook evidence in their haste to find a suspect. Most prosecutors will overlook proof of innocence


np 011 Politicians Behaving Badly

With the political season about to get into full swing, I thought I would give a little life to some old scandals. Some may be familiar and some will not. Early into George Washington’s first term, a member of his administration  Alexander Hamilton began an affair with a married woman, Maria Reynolds while serving as the Secretary of

civil unrest

np 010 Illegal Immigration

The heartbreaking photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who died along with his young brother and mother in an attempt to reach Greece was pictured on the front pages of most world publications this week as well as on many websites. The International Rescue Committee wants Washington to increase to 65,000 the number of Syrian refugees it will take before the end

civil unrest

np 009 War On Police

Members of the organization “Black Lives Matter” have been interrupting political speeches of both Dems and Republicans. As we all know this phrase or chant is referring to African Americans who have been killed by police. For a time, I was sympathetic to their cause. Almost weekly a video would surface of a police officer shooting an


np 008 Marijuana and States’ Rights

Conservatives are quick to point out how important are states rights.  Chris Christie Gov. of N.J. is not one of them. This is what he said in a recent interview regarding marijuana; “You take an oath of office,” Mr. Christie, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said on “Fox and Friends.” “I take one as governor;

civil unrest

np 007 Michael Brown Shooting Anniversary

On Aug 9,2014 a crime occurred in the City of Ferguson Mo.. An 18 year old black male committed a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store. A short time later Michael Brown identified as the robber was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, 28, a white police officer.  The circumstances of the shooting  received much attention not only in the U.S. but around the world.The


np 001 Police Pullback

There are almost daily reports of police officers using excessive force on African-Americans. I’d like to discuss several of these. Michael Brown – Ferguson Mo, dies after assaulting officer and attempting to grab his weapon. Riots ensue. Eric Garner – Staten Island NY 2012 shooting of 2 African-Americans 147 rounds fired Tamir Rice -12 year


np 006 Jail Suicides -Baltimore – Police

On July 10 Sandra Bland was stopped by a Texas State Trooper for an illegal lane change. She was arrested and brought to the Waller County Jail.  She later committed  suicide. We’ll need more information to understand what happened to Bland. As Radley Balko notes, jailhouse suicide is disturbingly common. Regardless of the circumstances of Bland’s death,


np episode 005 Medicine – What’s Old Is New

I recently had a colonoscopy, and it started me thinking about medical procedures. But first, my colonoscopy. If you’ve never had one, you’re missing a positively dehumanizing experience. This is a procedure where you are laying on your side in a fetal position with your butt exposed. After the administering of anesthesia, you are out

Politically Correct

np 004 Political Correctness

Maryland officials have taken steps to clarify their views about children playing or walking alone outdoors in a new policy directive that says Child Protective Services should not be involved in such cases unless children have been harmed or face a substantial risk of harm. The directive, part of a public statement to be issued


np 003 Old Time Religion

We worry about attacks from foreign terrorists when we should be keeping a watch on some of our homegrown religious fanatics. One bright spot is they haven’t taken to beheadings yet. Pastor Steven Anderson, of Faithful Word Baptist Church, called for stoning to death ministers who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies and repeated his call for


np 002 Kicking The Habit

I smoked for many years before finally quitting. With cigarettes costing almost $15 in some places I don’t know how people afford them. These are some of the methods I used trying to quit: nicotine gum. Didn’t help. Almost OD’d Hypnotist. No joy. Bought fruit and cigarettes on way home Aversion therapy. Shocking Behavior modification.